“Where does your profit come from and how hard do you have to work for it?”

This is the exact question to ask yourself if you want to work smarter, not harder. We can help answer that question for you. 

Why 4Front?

You  may  have  gathered  by  now,  our  client  relationships  extend  far  beyond  year  end  tax  and  compliance. Our aim is to add value to your business through meaningful insight – we work with you “on” the business (rather than you just working “in” the business).

What we do:

  • Financial performance assessment – a deep dive into your current position
  • Balanced scorecard metrics – based on the strategic direction of the business
  • Financial and non financial KPI development – that influence decisions and behaviours · Product costing analysis – find out where your profit comes from

Our Experience: Work smarter, not harder?

We were engaged to undertake a product costing analysis. After reviewing the profitability of various products within the business, it became clear that Product “C”  was far more profitable than other products that were producing the greatest top line revenues for the business.

So  with  a  new  product  focus  for  the  sales  team,  fast forward 12months, and gross profit margin increased from 28% to 35%, resulting in additional profit (combined with additional sales growth) of $550,000.