“Not every business can afford a CFO, but every business needs financial management.”

Our expert team can be your CFO, ready to extract the numbers you need to make better business decisions, based on information that matters.

Why 4Front?

From transactional data entry to high level financial oversight, we partner with you to take care of the financial management of your business.

This means you have peace of mind that your financials are accurate and you know where the business is going. You can then create time to focus on driving the business forward.

What we do:

  • Customised management reporting including dashboard reporting
  • Budget and cashflow forecasting and monitoring
  • Systems and process reviews including automation
  • Training workshops and software troubleshooting

Our Experience: Timely vs Accurate Reports

Which is more important for a business to have – timely reports or accurate reports?

Of course, the answer is both.

A new client came to us frustrated that they could never produce timely management reports – they were always  about  18months  old.  As  a  business  owner,  this  is  very  scary  and  as  a  director  you  have  statutory responsibilities to understand the true financial position of the business at all times.

We  reviewed  their  systems  and  processes  (including  existing  add-on  solutions)  asking  the  question  – What value does this process add?  We concluded there were numerous procedures that were effectively duplicating and complicating processes with little or no value add to the end result.

We made process and system recommendations which were implemented.  Fast forward a few months and the client now has and will continue to have access to timely and accurate reports.  They feel in control of their business again.

We now meet quarterly with this client within 1-2 weeks after the end of month and this provides a valuable opportunity for the business owners to reflect on the quarter that was, and focus attention on the targets to achieve in next quarter.